Blog PostHow To Organize A Bachelorette Party

w411dev July 23, 2018

Are you in charge of planning the bachelorette party? Whether you are thinking of a weekend getaway or a memorable night out, you have a fun and important job in front of you. Commonly, the maid of honor organizes the logistics of the event, but if you are a member of the wedding party, you can help too! Read on for a guide on how to organize a bachelorette celebration.

Decide Who’s Invited 

First things first, you should definitely know who to invite to the bachelorette party and who not. You should ask the bride about the list of people she would like to have celebrating with her. Then ask those friends to give you a couple dates of when they are free so that you can review everyone’s availability and set the best date.

Select The Venue

You don’t  have to do this alone. Ask the bride if she has any special requests and also ask the bridesmaids their ideas on where to go. This will help you narrow down if you are planing a more casual celebration or something extravagant and/or even risqué . Depending on the ideas you receive, you may be able to fit a few destinations into your schedule. For example, you could plan a spa treatment and brunch in the early afternoon and then dance the night away when moonlight falls or spend the day at the beach and then hit the town in the evening for dinner and drinks.

Choose A Theme

According to your budget, you can more easily plan the party without any restrictions and hesitations. If you have more money to spare you can organize a theme party and buy the necessary prompts, costumes, and decorations. Whether it is just a certain color, disco theme or masquerade, make sure that it is amusing and that everybody is willing to participate .

Make It A Night To Remember

One of the most important things in organizing a bachelorette party is to make it unforgettable and FUN. Implementation of a few unique elements will do the trick. Ideas include: a surprise gift, scavenger hunt,  a GIF booth to hire to capture fun pictures,  karaoke, limo service and more!

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