Pro TipDetails on Choosing Wedding Bands That Fit Your LifeStyle

by Kim Michael — 34 Yr Wedding Jewelry Expert, Smyth Jewelers

“Wedding bands are one of the only items that last beyond your wedding day.  Make them a priority and check them off your list early . . . .your wedding day comes quicker than you would expect!”

Smyth Jewelers has more than 100 years’ experience and is the largest jewelry store on the East Coast. For a third of that time (34 years to be exact), Kim Michael has been refining and polishing her knowledge of diamonds, metals, settings, style, and more, in the beautiful world of engagement rings, wedding bands, and fine jewelry.

The person proposing, or sometimes the couple together, come in to learn and make this very important selection. This is the absolute beginning and where the permanent commitment that two souls make to one another starts. Sometimes customers prefer to shop together, but Kim still sees many situations where the proposer will shop on their own to keep the element of surprise! More than buying a car, or even a home, this is the one decision and purchase that should last a lifetime.

Today’s couples each pick a wedding band that is uniquely them and fits their lifestyle. Gone are the days of the couple’s bands matching exactly. Kim does recommend having the wedding bands engraved with each other’s initials and the wedding date. Trending for men are 14K yellow or white gold bands with a matte, brushed, or hammered finish.  Many of the guys shopping with us choose a separate band for casual wear that is silicone. Silicone bands provide comfort and safety when playing sports or when you want to protect your metal keepsake band from damage due to tools and heavy machinery; they are inexpensive and can be easily replaced without losing sentimental value.

Kim shared that the most requested engagement rings today have a classic Tiffany setting in yellow gold or platinum, and consist of a round or oval center diamond with a single row of diamonds on either side.

Some of their most popular rings come from Tacori, Michael M, A Jaffe, Martin Flyer, and even the Smyth Signature line.

People bring in family heirloom engagement rings from their mothers, grandmothers, or other loved ones and will have the center diamond made into a necklace and the smaller stones set into earrings. Many times this is given as a gift to the bride from the groom.

Kim encourages couples to do a couple of things to make certain that their investment in this very important part of their wedding lasts for all the decades of their marriage and beyond.

1. Take advantage of Smyth Jewelers Free offer (when you purchase your rings at Smyth Jewelers) have the setting checked for loose stones and the rings professionally cleaned at least once a year.

2. Use the jewelry cleaner that Smyth Jewelers provides to customers who purchase their rings from them, to keep the ring sparkling.  If you run out, use a simple mixture of baking soda and water to create a paste, clean with a toothbrush, and rinse with warm water. 

3. To prevent the rings from rubbing against each other and wearing the metal or possibly loosening the stones, consider having them soldered together. This way they are always perfectly aligned.

Kim MichaelJanuary 21, 2021

Kim Michael

“Wedding bands are one of the only items that last beyond your wedding day. Make them a priority and check them off your list early . . . . your wedding day comes quicker than you would expect!”

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