Blog PostSeasonal Wedding Cakes: Fun Infographics From Zola

w411dev June 26, 2019

Wedding planning can be overwhelming at times but with the date and venue picked, your biggest worries are out of the way! Now that you know which season you’ll be getting married in you may want to incorporate seasonal colors and flavors into your wedding. From flowers to flavors, you can create a magical atmosphere for any season.

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your cake flavor options, look to these seasonal  wedding cake ideas from Zola for inspiration. Once you find combinations and decor that fit your style, you can enjoy the fun of taste testing all of the possibilities.

  • Fall weddings flaunt jewel-tones and spiced flavors that create a warm and festive feel.
  • Winter weddings allow you to play with rich, deep colors and fun garnishes.
  • For the spring bride, soft pastels and fresh flavors set a light and bright tone for your special day.
  • As we move into summer, lean on bright colors and refreshing flavors to delight your guest’s tastebuds.

No matter your style or wedding date, ultimately you’ll want to pick a cake flavor that fits your couple personality. If you plan on following the tradition of taking another bite of it on your one year anniversary, you’ll want to guarantee it tastes delicious!

fall wedding cake ideas

winter wedding cake ideas

spring wedding cake ideas

summer wedding cake ideas