Blog PostSimple Ways To Save On Your Way To I Do

w411dev January 18, 2021

For some people, the thought of planning their wedding can be overwhelming, especially if they are working with a limited budget. Weddings are meant to be happy occasions, celebrating love and the joining of two families. Avoid the worry and try out these easy ways to save, so your wedding is a time you can enjoy instead of being too stressed.

Combine & Consolidate When You Can

One useful money-saving tip to consider involves consolidating some of your print items that you may need for the day of your wedding. Many people have name cards printed for each guests’ spot at the tables in the reception hall. Another item some couples have made up is an itinerary listing all of the speakers and sections of the ceremony.

You could cut back on the number of prints you need by getting one large seating chart that has all the names and placements, or one large itinerary for everyone to view. Apply this idea whenever it might be possible to make one or fewer prints and you’ll cut back considerably on your spending. Photo below by Katie Horseman Photography. 

Ways To Minimize Wardrobe Costs

For better or for worse, weddings are becoming more and more of a production. There is more pressure to have each and every wedding-related event a picturesque celebration. Brides and guests alike spring for new outfits to mark the occasion. This can really add up for the bride. You’ll have your engagement party, your shower, your bachelorette, the rehearsal and potentially duplicate events for different areas of family and friends.

Take stock of the options you already have that could be hiding in the back of your closet, where most formal clothing tends to wait for their triumphant return. In the instance that you need to buy a few things to freshen up your options consider shopping second-hand. Optimize your time and energy by shopping at an online thrift store to find the styles and prices that are right for you.

Alternative Gifts

An ingenious gift alternative to consider giving your guests, is setting up your dessert station in a manner in which that allows people to easily take their favorite desserts home. Having dessert options is already a standard part of a wedding reception and a cost you will likely already be incurring.

By providing take-home bags or boxes for a relatively low cost, you can double-dip on the desserts and also make them the gift. By serving double duty dessert favors you also help to ensure you’re not stuck with too many leftovers and can help prevent food waste. Photo below by Katie Horseman Photography.