Blog PostSix Smart Makeup Tips for Your Wedding

w411dev October 25, 2017

It’s your wedding! And you’re conscious about your makeup, I get that. Your big day’s makeup needs to be perfect, so today I’m going to share with you some tips and techniques that will help your makeup stay on for a longer period of time with the least amount of touch-ups. Everything needs to be perfect, because it’s your wedding day!

1. SPF Foundations and Photos:

I’m sure you’ll find this interesting. Have you noticed that after applying some foundations your photos tend to appear paler than usual? That’s because foundations with added high SPF benefits tend to have in them an ingredient known as titanium dioxide. This ingredient reacts to the flash of camera and it makes you look paler than usual. So make sure you test your makeup a day before and get photographed in it with an actual camera. Generally SPF 15 foundations do not yield these results, but testing is always recommended.

2. Eye Shadow Comes First:

Here’s the deal, never apply your eye makeup before your foundation. There’s a reason eye primers were invented in the first place. Use an eye primer and prep up your whole eye before you do the rest of makeup. Why? Because a) your eye shadow’s flakes will not fall on your cheeks and carefully prepped face and b) you won’t be smudging that glowing blush with your palms or fingers in an attempt to get the eye shadows right. So always opt for putting your eye shadow on first.

3. Never Forget Primer:

This is one thing that you are not allowed to forget. A primer plays in an important role in making your makeup look flawless and refines your face for the foundation. Also, primer makes sure that your makeup stays on for a longer period of time. Try Mac or Urban Decay primers, they are the best. This means that eye primers are important as well, so count them in.

4. Concealing Done Right:

Do not apply concealer before your foundation. Why? Because when you apply concealer underneath the foundation and go over it with your hand, a brush or a blending sponge, you’re basically undoing all the concealing effort that you have already made with concealer. So prep up your skin and then apply concealer where you think you’ll need it. This tip works so well.

5. Powder Strategically:

This means you’re not supposed to powder your skin excessively. Under most circumstances, I recommend using powder only at the T-zone, the forehead and the nose. I believe that some parts of one’s face look better when they glow and the texture comes off as more natural, such as the cheeks. Using too much powder can also make your face look cakey. Also, try to opt for a translucent powder or a very light powder to begin with.

6. Use Mineral Makeup:

I’d recommend you buy hypoallergenic makeup for your eyes, and face because you can’t afford to get allergic reactions on your wedding day or honeymoon. So be careful about the products you buy.

I hope these tips will help you get the perfect look you want for your big day.

Written By: Jane Williams. Jane is a makeup artist and stylist. She is obsessed with fashion, makeup and new makeovers. She regularly blogs at