Blog PostSummer-Proof Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

wpengine May 10, 2018

Summer weddings bring a lot of advantages; heat and humidity not being one of them though. This can be a challenge summer brides and grooms face, especially when it comes to their hair and/or makeup. To ensure your summer wedding is comfortable and flawless consider a few ways to summer-proof your hair and makeup.

Choose An Updo Hairstyle

An updo hairstyle in the summer months is a great idea! It keeps hair off your neck and back, to keep you cool. Also, the style will hold better in the heat since your hair is set in place. A simple low bun, extravagant updo or a braid are all options for you to consider.

Use Top-Rated Hair Products

If you are set on a flowing hairstyle, be sure to find the best hairspray to use. You want something that can hold up in the heat and humidity.

Keep Makeup Layers At A Minimum

The more layers, the more “cakey” your skin will look, especially with perspiration added to the mix. Remember, that you will not only be dealing with Maryland heat and humidity, but with heat from the lighting/cameras, body heat radiating from guests and from your special love during your first dance. Although you might want to stick to the makeup you are used to, speak to your beauty professional about the benefits of airbrush foundation for your wedding day.

Use Waterproof Products  

Don’t Skip The Finishing Powder or Spray

Though finishing powder is another layer of product, it is so lightweight that you shouldn’t feel it. These products are important to use to reduce shine, fine lines, and pores. Also, it keeps foundation and concealer in place and extends the longevity of the product on your skin.

Have Blotting Paper Handy

Avoid Being Outside During Peak Temps

Sweat is hard to avoid during the summer months, but you can limit the amount by staying in cool places. The hottest times of the day are between 11AM-2PM, this is the best time to be getting ready indoors, preferably with AC on and utilizing fans.

Buy Small Fans For Your Wedding Party

A useful thank you gift for your wedding party are small fans that plug into their smartphones. FORMost Events & Promotions offers a variety of options and colors. This is a gift they will appreciate during a hot summer month.

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