Blog PostWhen To Take Your Engagement Ring Off To Keep It Safe & Stunning

wpengine May 27, 2021

It’s tempting to never want to remove your engagement ring from your finger after your proposal. Certainly, you will want to admire it and show it off to family and friends. It may even feel wrong to remove it since there is a lot of sentimental value attached to it. However, there are several times when you should remove your ring to keep it safe, stunning, and looking just as good ten years from now as it did the day of your proposal

Working Out

Even though you might want to showcase your ring at your next spin, yoga, or gym session, the reality is you shouldn’t wear your ring while grinding out a workout. There is a possibility that your hands could swell during your workout and cause you discomfort and poor circulation. Also, some materials used in engagement rings are soft and prone to bending if under a lot of pressure. If the prongs holding the stone bend you could risk losing the stone. You are significantly more likely to lose your ring if you remove it mid-workout, so keep it at home or in a secure place from the start.

Moisturizing & Primping

The chemicals and oils in moisturizers, cosmetics, hair sprays, and perfumes can cause a build-up of grime and bacteria and result in permanent discoloration and dullness in your jewelry. It’s best to keep your engagement ring in a trinket dish or a ring box as you get ready.

In Water  

If you wear your ring in any body of water, you are taking a huge risk of it coming off your finger. If you lose it in the ocean or lake the likelihood of finding it is slim to none. Also, saltwater and chlorine can cause deterioration or discoloring. The shower is no place for an engagement ring as well. It could easily slip off your wet and soapy finger and go down the drain. Plus, the products you use in the shower can affect your ring. Oily soaps and body wash can dull the finish of the stones while exfoliating products might scratch them. Avoid all the possible disasters by keeping your ring in a safe, dry place while you enjoy getting into the water.

Cleaning and Cooking

Exposing your ring to chemicals found in cleaning products is extremely detrimental to the luster and color of your ring. Even gentler products like baking soda can cause deterioration and color alteration. You should also remove your ring when cooking. It’s possible for it to slip off your finger while washing your hands. Plus, you don’t want your ring to attract bacteria and food acids that will ruin it over time.

Ring Cleanings

It’s important to get your ring cleaned professionally every few months. This will remove any bacteria build-up and keep it shining bright. Also, the jewelry professionals can inspect your ring during this time to ensure there is no prong or band bending/damage or loose stones.

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