Blog PostThings to Avoid When Choosing A Wedding Venue

w411dev March 12, 2018

Before deciding on your wedding venue, there are a number of things that you need to look out for and avoid from both an aesthetic and service point of view. To help ensure that your big day isn’t spoiled by an under par venue, we have put together a list of things that you should keep an eye on when viewing potential venues.

Narrow Space

One of the main things that we all look out for when viewing a venue is the amount of space that is provided in order to sit all of your guests. Ideally, you want a big, open plan room that allows ample room for tables, chairs and a dancefloor to fit your guests. If, however, your venue is narrow, it’s going to make the whole day a tight squeeze.

Not only will guests be struggling for space when they get up and down from their seats, the close proximity of your guests will soon make everyone hot under the collar. With everyone on top of one and other, it’s not going to make for a day to remember, at least for the right reasons anyway…


Have you ever viewed a venue that is in dire need of renovation which merely papers over the cracks? Many a rundown hall plays host to some of the happiest events in people’s lives and, when you look back through the pictures, you soon find yourself cringing at the state of the venue.

Even the best dressed of venues can still show signs of wear and tear, and it’s not through any fault of the hosts who hire out the venue. If you come across a venue that is comfortable showing prospective guests around when it is in need of some much needed TLC, don’t expect anything better for the big day.


Carrying on from venues that need attention, mould spores that form as a result of condensation are all too common in venues that have poor ventilation. Not only does mould look unsightly, also it’s hardly the most hygienic of surroundings in which to serve food.

It’s not only condensation that you should watch out for, but also tell tales signs of other forms of damp such as wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Click Here for more information on woodworm and the damage that it can cause.

Poor Service

As well as the venue itself, the main thing that you need to keep an eye on is the venue staff’s level of service. How welcoming do they make you feel? Do you feel comfortable working with them for your big day? Do they make you feel that all of your requests are too much hard work?

An uncooperative venue team that makes you feel like a burden to them is an absolute no-go. You need to feel as though you are the most important people they are working with (even if it isn’t necessarily the case). Don’t settle for second best for your big day.

Keep vigilant for all of the above and remember that you have a right to receive the very best. If you need help choosing a venue, consider hiring a planner who knows the ins and out of the industry.

Written By: Aaron