Blog PostTop Tips for Planning an Eco-friendly Wedding

wpengine February 2, 2018

As the idea of going green is growing in popularity to combat climate change and save the Earth, more people are planning eco-friendly weddings. There are many ways to have an eco-friendly wedding and it is actually quite easy to do. While the planning may take a little more creativity and research, a green wedding is always a beautiful event with significant meaning.

Wedding Vendors

When planning an eco-friendly wedding, you want to give your business to responsible wedding vendors who share your goals of using green and sustainable materials. You may have to do some research on a few vendors to find ones that fit your wants and needs and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Recycled Paper

Weddings often include a lot of paper, from save-the-dates and invitations to programs and menus. A great way to do your part in helping the environment is to use recycled paper whenever possible, and remind your guests to please recycle all paper when they decide to throw away their save-the-dates and invitations.

Shop Vintage

We understand if brides want to purchase a brand new wedding dress, but consider buying vintage accessories and bridesmaid dresses to save textile waste and clothing production. Many local stores and online shops have beautiful vintage dresses that have only been worn a few times, so no one will be able to tell they are old. Also, consider purchasing attire from designers who use recycled fabrics, as using ethical business practices saves a lot of water and waste.


Using biodegradable decor and dishes at your reception is another great way to incorporate eco-friendly materials into your wedding. Disposable plates and silverware look beautiful and are often made of bamboo or other renewable resources, such as plant-based plastics. Biodegradable materials not only ensure that you won’t be contributing to landfills, but you’ll also save water that would normally be used to clean dishes, and they are much more affordable than classic dinnerware!

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