Blog PostWedding Calligraphy: For More Than Just Paper Goods

w411dev January 9, 2019

Are you looking for a way to personalize your wedding, engagement session or other celebration? Calligraphy signs are trending on the wedding scene. They are used for welcome signs, seating charts, table numbers, save the date announcements and more! You can write on just about any medium, so the décor matches your theme and vision. If you are up for the DIY challenge read on to determine your ideal material and writing utensils. Not a fan of your own handwriting? No problem, there are professionals that specialize in wedding calligraphy– credited below.


Wood comes in all different types and finishes so you can find the perfect color to match your venue. They also come in different shapes and textures. Wood signs compliment outdoor venues or engagement shoots. You can lightly sketch with a pencil then go over it with an oil-based paint marker or regular paint to create your piece.

Photo by Karen Rainier Photography
Calligraphy by Kelsey Spriggs Calligraphy. Contact Kelsey at


Calligraphy on glass is also a big décor trend. Mirrors are a fun and versatile option for wedding calligraphy signs. They pair well with a black-tie event or a casual shindig. Paint Markers work well on glass or you could opt for a washable window marker or chalk marker, so you can reuse the mirrors after the event.

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Calligraphy by Signs Of Our Lives


Chalkboard signage is the most commonly seen. Craft stores carry an abundance of chalkboards for your convenience. You can either use chalk or a bistro chalk marker. If opting for regular chalk, use scissors to sharpen the end you will be writing with. Chalkboard wedding calligraphy is a great option for beginners since it is easy to erase and start again.

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Calligraphy by Kelsey Spriggs Calligraphy


Canvases come in all sizes and can be found at any craft store. This medium is great for people who enjoy painting and want to design a piece that is uniquely theirs. Canvas can be a little more difficult to design on though says Kelsey of Kelsey Spriggs Calligraphy because the material can cause your writing to bleed. This medium is best for experienced calligraphers. Alex, owner of Signs Of Our Lives advises “sketching/outlining first is always a good tip for beginners.”

What else can Calligraphy be on?

“Leather jackets, denim jackets, marble tiles, agate slices, ribbon, just to name a few, are some fun ways to add character to your event,” says Alex owner of Signs Of Our Lives.

Photo by Bradley Images
Calligraphy by Signs Of Our Lives. Contact Alex at