Blog PostWedding Cards: Ideas to Preserve & Reuse Your Sentimental Pieces

w411dev July 2, 2018

Weddings cards are still trending, despite the digital craze of today’s world. Cards often accompany a gift, but they also offer well wishes to the newly married couple. Your wedding cards become very sentimental pieces that you will want to preserve or repurpose. Read on for four options on how to do this.

Create a Collage

A collage can include bits and pieces of every wedding card you received. Whether you loved the design on the card or someone’s words touched you, this option is a creative way to display all your favorite elements in one collective piece. There is a lot of variety in the shapes and textures you can cut out and how you display them. The collage could be displayed around your home in a frame, made into a wreath or paper mache piece. Etsy and other business that specialize in preserving memories can make the collages for you if that option is more appealing than DIY.

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Make a Booklet

If you want to preserve your cards as they are, creating a book out of them is a wonderful idea. It can be as easy as punching a couple holes down the left-hand side of each card and use ribbon, string or rope to tie them together. Another option is to buy a small album with rings and place the cards in it. When you are in the mood to relive the day, this piece would be easy to retrieve from a drawer or closet. It is a great way to hang onto every word your loved ones had to say on your wedding day.

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Donate Cards

Many institutions would be interested in used cards for various reasons. Charities like St. Jude’s Ranch for Children has a Recycled Cards Program, where their client population acquires work skills by making new cards and selling them. Your local place of worship can direct you to other charities that could benefit from card donations.

Another option is to donate the cards to daycares or elementary schools to be used for art projects. Having the cards to cut and fold can also help children practice fine motor skills. Senior Care Facilities or local hospitals may also be interested in recycled cards to assist with their recreational therapy.

Repurpose into Thank You Cards or Tags

This is a unique option that leaves for a lot of creativity and is super thoughtful! Cut your favorite parts out of each card, piece them together with other materials and it is transformed into a newly designed, repurposed card or To & From Tag.

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