Blog PostWhat To Consider When Choosing A Wedding Caterer

w411dev March 20, 2019

A wedding caterer helps create the experience for your wedding guests through their food, service and set up of the reception room. In return a good experience and good meal will result in your guests tearing up the dance floor with you and your spouse and creating moments you will never forget. Since wedding caterers have such an important job on your special day, you want to be sure you choose one that checks off all your boxes. Keep reading for things to consider when choosing a wedding caterer.

Communication and Responsiveness

During your initial conversations, you will get an idea of how the wedding caterer communicates and if they show a genuine interest in working with you and carrying out your expectations. Their communication and responsiveness at first contact will give you insight on how well they will coordinate with you during the planning process. Reading reviews of the service will also show you how they’ve handled past customer needs and how well they respond to adverse comments.

Creativity and Resourcefulness

In recent years, many couples want to add uniqueness to their wedding, so they create a theme for the day. Food and drink can complement themes, so ask your potential caterer for their ideas on how to add flavor to your theme.

Another way couples are showing their uniqueness is by including food from their backgrounds. See how open your caterer is to preparing different kinds of foods or if they partner with other caterers that specialize in that cuisine. Learn and understand how imaginative and creative they are beside staying within the wedding budget.

Costs & Budget

At your initial meeting with the caterer, estimate a budget and ask what food and beverage options are best. See if your budget and their costs can work together to get you what you want. Keep open communication about financial expectations and you will find a caterer that will work with you and make small adjustments in order to serve you. Keep in mind that small adjustments may need to be made on your end as well. Wedding caterers will set the stage for your event, so choose wisely and hire the best wedding caterer for you.

Written By: Anna Wrench

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