Blog PostWhat To Do After The Big Day

w411dev April 30, 2018

In the months leading up to them, weddings have a habit of taking over your life; the planning, the stress and the excitement can make it hard to think about anything else. Therefore, the immediate weeks after the big day can feel slightly empty in comparison, but they don’t have to be! First of all, use this as an opportunity to take a deep breath and relax for a few days with your new spouse – you’ve earned it. This is the perfect time to unwind and it is so important that you do. When you’re back up and functioning, there are a few essential things to get cracking on with in the aftermath of your wedding.

Review Your Vendors 

Firstly, make sure that you review your vendors. They worked tirelessly to ensure that their part in your wedding day was the best it could be, and this is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation for this effort. Plus, if you leave reviews it allows you to talk about your wedding day to a new audience (your friends and family will only put up with you going on about it for so long). Liaise with your photographer and your DJ and anybody else who helped your big day run smoothly and make sure they need nothing else from you. This way, you can rest assured that the admin from your wedding day is behind you.

Send Out Thank You Cards 

Ok, the admin might not quite be a thing of the past…don’t forget to write and send out your thank you notes for the presents! Opening the gifts is a great activity that you can indulge in after the big day; to make life easier, you can set up a system whereby you take it in turns to open gifts while the other makes a note of what it is and who to thank. This links something exciting with what might otherwise be an arduous task. You could also see this as an opportunity to plan a mammoth day trip to IKEA to buy the items that you didn’t receive.

Make A Scrapbook 

Next, try making a scrapbook of the day. You don’t have to be an artist to create something to remember your wedding. Naturally, you’ll have so much material to work with that you’ll be able to create something beautiful with minimal effort. You’ll have professional photos and videos of the day but sometimes it’s nicer to present your memories with more of a personal touch. You could include an invitation, a place card, some pieces of confetti, a copy of your vows – the choices really are endless!

Preserve Your Wedding Dress

Preserving your wedding dress is also of the utmost importance. Have it cleaned as soon after the wedding as you can. It may look pristine, but there will be sneaky little marks here and there which will be difficult to remove at a later date. Wedding dresses are worth a great deal; not just in monetary terms, but with regard to nostalgia and personal sentiment, so don’t risk lasting damage when it can be so easily avoided. Preservation is also important because you may one day have a friend or relative who wishes to wear your dress.

Enjoy Being Married 

You now have a partner in life who will love you unconditionally. Don’t take advantage of that privilege (or the perks of having somebody who is legally obliged to listen to your problems). Have fun building a happy life and home together!

Written By: Confetti Wedding Dress Cleaning, a company devoted to the cleaning and preservation of wedding dresses. They also have a special interest in all things wedding related and are committed to restoring and preserving memories from your special day.