Blog PostWhich Bridal Shapewear Pairs With Your Gown

w411dev September 2, 2019

Bridal shapewear can help you achieve your ideal look on your wedding day. Just like wedding gowns, not all shapewear is made equal. The silhouette of your gown will help determine which bridal shapewear is for you. Nothing ruins the perfect dress more than the wrong under garments. Below, we outline some of the things to consider when it comes to choosing the right pieces for your gown.

Figure-Hugging Gown

If you chose the more forgiving A-line or ball gown style you may opt not to wear shapewear. However, if you went down the mermaid, trumpet, or another figure-hugging route, then bridal shapewear can help achieve your desired silhouette and give you that extra boost of confidence in your gown. High-waisted shapewear is the best choice for all kinds of form-fitting dresses, as they will tuck in your tummy and smooth out any lumps and bumps.

Clingy Upper-Body Gown

If your dress fits tightly on your upper body, then lightweight and flexible shapewear is the best choice for you to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the day. There’s nothing worse than feeling discomfort every time you move. Consider investing in a mid-thigh or hip length bodysuit, which will remain invisible under your dress as it works its magic. Alternatively, a shaping bodysuit will also give you the ultimate streamlined look from top to bottom.

Hip-Hugging Dress

Hip hugging wedding dresses are perfect for showing off and flattering your curves – and the addition of shapewear only adds to that dream-worthy hourglass silhouette! Look for shapewear that targets your hang-up areas and creates the illusion of a smooth and slim silhouette. High-waisted boyshorts are a great option that checks all the right boxes. They’ll also keep you comfortable all night long.

Form-Fitting Slip Dresses

Dreamy slip gowns come at a cost – clingy silk! The only way to combat the cling is to go for seamless shapewear that will create a streamlined look without giving anything away. Shaper shorts, for example, are perfect for clingy, silk dresses. They will go undetected thanks to the seamless design, which means you get your dream fit without anyone knowing you had a little help.

Additional Undergarments

Depending on your shape, gown and comfort level you may be able to loose the bra on your wedding day. With that being said, some kind of support is still recommended. Ask your seamstress if they can add built in bra cups for a little support to your bust line.

If you feel that may not be enough support for you then choose your bra wisely. Brides often make the mistake of opting for skin colored bras, but there is nothing worse than a flesh colored bra playing peek-a-boo at the wrong moment. Instead, match the color of the bra to the dress, as accidental slip ups won’t be as noticeable.

The Right Size for Ultimate Comfort

As far as fit is concerned, always choose shapewear in your usual size. Don’t make the mistake of going for a smaller size in the hopes that it will make you look even slimmer. It will actually have the opposite effect, not to mention cause you great discomfort.

And speaking of comfort, always ensure your undergarments fit you somewhat comfortably when you are trying on your dress. If you can’t bear to be in it for an hour or have the urge to adjust it frequently then it is not the right piece for you. Gown professionals are great resources so don’t be shy to ask for opinions and more options.

Written By: Sarah Hayden