Blog Post4 Special Ways To Include Your Family In Your Wedding

w411dev November 12, 2018

Many of us believe marriage is not only the joining of two people, but also the joining of families. While some modern couples are steering away from including family traditions, they are seeking new ways to incorporate family into their day. If this sounds like you, read on for four different and special ways to include your family in the planning process and wedding events.

Family Heirlooms

A beautiful way to include your family’s background and heritage into your wedding is by incorporating family heirlooms. Ask your parents or grandparents for family jewels, make a toast with heirloom champagne glasses or serve an old family recipe at the reception. Many brides also like to honor their mothers by wearing something from her wedding day, such as her jewelry, a piece of lace from her dress or by choosing the same flowers for the bouquet.

Highlight Special Talents

If you have any family members that are talented musicians or singers, ask them to be a part of the wedding ceremony or reception. This entertainment should not be your main entertainment, so your performing family member can still enjoy in the festivities as a guest. It is also polite to offer a small compensation for their time and talent at your wedding. In addition to musical talents, family members that are talented writers or DIY crafters may love to help with the planning process.

Family Tree/Old Wedding Photos

Both options are a wonderful and nostalgic way to incorporate family that is living and those who have passed on. It shows multiple generations and where you and your spouse came from. These will be a hit for both of your entire families.

Include Both Parents

Traditional weddings often include the father of the bride walking her down the aisle, a father-daughter dance and a reception speech led by the fathers. While you may want to add these traditions in your wedding, why not include your mother and siblings as well? An option is to have both parents walk you down the aisle or have a one-on-one dance with your mom. This can also be applied to wedding parties- why can’t a couple have a special moment with an influential sibling, cousin or friend. Weddings not only celebrate the joining of two people, but also celebrate the families that have got you to this moment.

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