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Pro TipCreating Gifts That Are Cherished Before They Are Even Opened

by Brittney Strong— Owner, Cherish "The Premium Gift Wrapping Service" LLC

Being newly engaged, both you and your partner should enjoy receiving and unwrapping gifts at this time in your lives. Time is in short supply during the planning period of your wedding and all the events surrounding it.  Here is a great time-management idea!

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Pro Tip“Is fashion important to you? Is your impact on the environment important to you?

by James Barger, Men's Style Advisor - J.Hilburn

J.Hilburn factors both of these ideals when creating custom clothing. Our products are made-to-fit and made to last..

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Pro Tip“Planning ahead is key! As soon as you order or purchase your wedding dress – book your alterations appointment.”

by Joy Pelt, The Joy of Sewing & Embroidery Service

With 25+ years of experience, Joy is an accomplished seamstress, and a designer providing personalized sewing and embroidery services. She is passionate about what she does, working with customers to create unique pieces.

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Pro TipCelebrating 100 Years! Built on Customer Service, Community & Concern For The Environment

by Janet Garman— VP , Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners

Every day we pass numerous cleaning establishments as we are out and about. However, none of them have been around as a family-run business for 100 years, or offer all that Glyndon Lord Baltimore Cleaners does.

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Pro TipDetails on Choosing Wedding Bands That Fit Your LifeStyle

by Kim Michael— 34 Yr Wedding Jewelry Expert, Smyth Jewelers

“Wedding bands are one of the only items that last beyond your wedding day. Make them a priority and check them off your list early . . . . your wedding day comes quicker than you would expect!”

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Pro TipFinding Your Dream Dress

by Betsy Robinson, Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection

When it’s time for you to shop for your Wedding Gown, there are three main elements to making it a memorable experience that results in the purchase of your dream dress.

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