5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry You’ll Love

5 Tips for Picking Wedding Jewelry You’ll Love

Wednesday, August 02 2017

When it comes to getting your look together for your wedding, all eyes are on the dress. And, if you already said “yes” to yours, congratulations — you’ve gotten the most important part settled.

Still, there’s much left to decide, and you just might find the littlest details are the toughest to sort out. Accessorizing a wedding dress is tough not only because you want your jewelry to match the gown, but also because it must look good with that very bling-y ring on your left hand.

If you need help choosing your wedding jewelry, don’t worry: we’ve got the following five tips to make the process a bit easier and to make your wedding day look feel cohesive, glamorous and picture-perfect. 

Special Yoga for Your Big Day Prep

Special Yoga for Your Big Day Prep

Wednesday, July 26 2017

Preparing for your wedding day entails many tasks. From deciding on what flowers will adorn your ceremony to finding the best possible band to entertain your guests, you undoubtedly have a long to do list and can leave no stone unturned. Because of this, brides tend to become stressed out, tired, and desperately in need of some relaxation. In order to aid in that de-stressing process, we have curated a list of the best yoga practices to do in preparation for your big day. Keep reading to find out the best ways to hit the mat that will lead to nothing but pre-wedding bliss.

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