Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

Benefits of Having a Destination Wedding

Wednesday, July 06 2016

Destination weddings often seem like a dream. It would be a picturesque and perfect way to get married, but it seems just out of reach. Most couples think destination weddings are expensive and hard to plan, so they just don't bother.

But the truth is, after just a little bit of research, destination weddings actually have so many benefits and aren't as stressful as they seem! They can be easier to plan than regular close-to-home weddings plus they make such beautiful memories. Here are some of the best benefits that come with taking the leap and saying "I do" on a gorgeous beach on a faraway island or on a flowery and breezy mountaintop in another country.


How to Bring Bits of Your Honeymoon Home

How to Bring Bits of Your Honeymoon Home

Tuesday, June 28 2016

There's no vacation quite as magical as your honeymoon. Think about it: after the hullabaloo of planning for and celebrating your wedding, you and your new spouse get to skip town and relax.

Of course, you'll eventually have to come home from your honeymoon and fall back into real life...

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